How to choose the best hosting for WordPress

The only guide you need to choose the best hosting for WordPress.

The most common question asked by future bloggers is how to choose the best hosting for WordPress. Choosing a hosting company is a crucial step in the success of your blog. I will show you some features that you must take into account when choosing the right hosting plan.

If you are determined to launch your own blog, the first step is to decide on a name and domain. Once you have a suitable name and the domain is available, it’s time to choose your company and hosting package.

Tried Googling the best hosting for WordPress? Too many results? Yes, I know…

A simple search on Google will notice that there are a lot of companies that offer web hosting. Each company tries to attract customers using huge discounts if you subscribe for a certain period of time. But if there are so many hosting companies, how do you know which is the right choice for your blog?

To make the right choice, you need to know your site requirements and your needs. The choice should not be made following a single factor, such as price or facilities. You have to make a choice considering several factors.

Let’s see the factors you need to consider to choose the best hosting for WordPress.

Your hosting needs

I am convinced that you want to get the best value for money for the chosen hosting package. In this case, you need to know what requirements your blog will have and what you need to manage it efficiently. Once you find out these things, the choice will be easy and will come naturally.

In most cases, if you are a beginner and have a blog with a low number of visitors and a small number of articles, the best choice is shared hosting.

Shared Hosting allows you to host your blog for a relatively low price without requiring too much knowledge about hosting. Shared packages are perfect for low traffic and low resource-demanding sites.

Most companies that offer this type of hosting have a control panel from which you can easily install your WordPress blog. Also, from the control panel, you can make the settings for email addresses, file uploads, and everything related to the technical hosting part. Everything is visual and does not require advanced knowledge.

If you want to choose a shared package, they are differentiated by several criteria: storage space, storage type (HDD or SSD), the number of sites you can host, or the total number of email addresses that you can create.

For example, sites containing many files (pictures, videos, media) will need more storage space to host all the files.

The best hosting for WordPress, in my opinion

A shared hosting package designed especially for WordPress is the one offered by SiteGround. The starting package is only $6.99 and is perfect for a beginner blogger. You can see the dedicated WordPress packages here or on the banner above.

As your blog grows, the number of articles and the number of visitors will increase, you will need a hosting package to meet the new requirements. Most hosting companies offer upgrades to better packages.

If the shared package resources are no longer sufficient for your blog, the next level is the VPS (Virtual Private Server) package. These packages are more expensive but offer much more resources and are perfect for online stores or high traffic blogs.

VPS packages are of two types: managed and unmanaged. The difference between the two is that Managed VPS packages are managed and maintained by the hosting company, and Unmanaged ones are managed and maintained by you.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge to manage a server, you will have to hire a system administrator to take care of server maintenance if you choose the Unmanaged VPS package.

Online and offline support

The second important factor when choosing the best hosting for WordPress is support. This is very important when something is not going according to plan or does not know how to use different settings.

Both in the case of software and the case of hardware, errors, and malfunctions can occur. In case of errors, they can be minor or major. Regardless of the severity of the errors, they should be fixed as they can lead to the site's malfunction and even to the loss of time and money.

If the hosting company does not offer quality support services, your only solution is to turn to a third party, in which case the costs for troubleshooting can increase rapidly.

To avoid such inconveniences, look for hosting companies that offer 24/7 support, online (live chat) and offline (by phone). Check the quality of the pre-purchase support and ask as many questions as possible. This way, you will find out if the support staff is ready to help you. You can also check what other customers say about the company by looking for reviews.

If you find a good offer, but the support is only available between certain hours, or a non-stop contact method is not offered for technical problems, I advise you to avoid it. Although the price may be good, you will be sorry that you did not choose a company with good technical support when problems arise.

As an example, Siteground hosting offers non-stop support. The user score left by customers is 4.7 out of 5 out of a number of 5,500+ reviews. You can see the customers’ reviews here.

Uptime Guarantee

Another important feature when it comes to choosing the best hosting for WordPress is the Uptime Guarantee. What does the uptime guarantee mean? In simple terms, when the company hosting your site has problems, your site cannot be accessed. At this point, your site is “down”. The time your site is “down” is known as downtime.

Uptime is the opposite of downtime, meaning the period when your site is available to readers and visitors.

Ideally, it would be a 100% uptime, but no company can guarantee you a perfect uptime. Small errors, problems, or upgrades will occur. It is important to fix them quickly and get your site back online as soon as possible.

Most hosting companies offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9% due to the small issues mentioned above. However, try to check if the guaranteed uptime is really real. There are sites like CurrentlyDown that keep a history of when sites are not accessible. This way, you can get an idea if the uptime guarantee is real or just theoretical.

Upgrade Potential

Your blog or site will not need too many resources for starters, so a cheaper and smaller hosting package will be perfect. But don’t forget that your goal is for the site to grow. To attract more and more visitors or readers, which will lead to a greater demand for resources.

Before choosing the hosting package, check if the company allows upgrading to a better package in an easy way.

You do not want to encounter problems when your site is too large for the chosen package and must be moved. If the upgrade is not easy, moving can mean downtime, during which time your site will no longer be accessible to visitors.

Security and Encryption

One of the most crucial features when it comes to finding the best hosting for WordPress is Security. Today, there is an increasing emphasis on security and privacy. That’s why Google has announced that sites without a valid SSL certificate will no longer be indexed.

For this reason, it is good to look for a company that offers free SSL because certificates can become quite expensive, especially for beginner sites.

If you don’t know what the SSL certificate does, you can search for details online. In short, it encrypts users’ information and protects it when accessing your site. That is why it is more than recommended to use an SSL certificate.

In addition to SSL, it is good to make sure that the hosting company updates its software and uses a Firewall.

For example, Siteground uses a special Firewall to protect you from any vulnerabilities and exploits resulting from WordPress updates. In this way, they ensure that the site and your site's content remain safe at all times.

Free Backups Included

If you want to be sure that your site's data and content are safe at all times, I recommend you look for a hosting company that offers free backups.

This can help you tremendously when something goes wrong, or errors occur. As with any computer, components or software can cause problems, and data can be lost.

For this reason, backups are a good way to avoid losing important data. In case of a problem, if you have a recent backup, the site can be restored in a few minutes without losing anything.

If you choose a company that offers backups like Siteground, make sure the backups are done daily. This way, if something happens, only the data entered in the current day is lost, minimizing the problem's impact.

You can be carefree and test various changes to your project anytime you can recover the previous version.

The price

I left the price last because it is the least important factor when it comes to choosing the best hosting for WordPress.

For the most part, prices do not differ much between hosting companies. To attract you, they have special promotions for new customers or the renewal of contracted services.

One thing to keep in mind is the monthly or annual price after the promotion expires. You do not want to contract a service during the promotion and realize that you can not afford to pay the full price after completing it.

Conclusions on how to find the best hosting for WordPress

There are many things to discuss when it comes to the best hosting for WordPress. Most of them are for more advanced users.

To sum things up, don’t forget to check the clients' opinions about the hosting company you want to choose.

My advice is to make a list of the top 10 best hosting companies for you. And then start eliminating the weakest ones until you are left with only one. Most likely, that is the one that suits your needs.

You can eliminate the least suitable ones using the criteria listed in this article and the customer reviews. Customers will always express their sincere opinion about the service purchased. Most of the time, they will focus on what displeases them. In this way, you can see which chapter the company is in worse and make a correct decision.

I hope this article helps you choose the right hosting company for your site's needs and requirements. This will ensure a safe and lasting growth of the site without thinking about the hosting part.

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