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Seb Walden
Blogger at and Founder of - I write about startups, SEO, development, and design.


  • Kurt Paquette

    Kurt Paquette

    50-something Christian, nurse, teacher, writer, and content creator. I like to write about spirituality, personal development, personal finance, and investing.

  • Diana



  • Glenn Geffcken

    Glenn Geffcken

    Intent on the evolution of human consciousness, beginning with me. Writing about marketing, branding, spirituality & politics.

  • George Jeng

    George Jeng

    Head of Internal Product at VICE. I’m fascinated by all things tech, and I love discovering and hearing about new products.

  • Kate Harvie

    Kate Harvie

    I strategize, develop, & market brands. I’m a TBI survivor. I wrote a book about trauma recovery & how to win & own the second act:

  • Jeff Svicarovich

    Jeff Svicarovich

    Home textiles/bedding/bed linens

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